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Hawaii Part II

Volcanoes National Park...oooh ahhh
see the different lava flows since this started erupting in 1983

Pele is the mountain goddess

Volcano facts...maybe you care, maybe you don't...but i'm still going to write them
  • Total amount of lava erupted since 1983 - 3,100,000,000 cubic yards
  • Number of dump trucks that would fill - over 200 million
  • Average temperature of flowing lava - 2000 degrees (just a tad bit warm)
  • Length of public highway covered - 8 miles
  • Amount of new land created - 600 acres
  • Owner of all new land - State of Hawaii (if you had ocean front property and the lava decides to miss your house but forms in front of you, guess what?  you no longer own oceanfront property)
  • Total area covered - 40 square miles
  • Number of homes destroyed - 182

We thought we were going to go see a volcano...little did we know, it would resemble the moon.  No we did not see any red lava, but it was still interesting...your chances of seeing red lava without hiking over glasslike hardened lava, ready to break at any second, is very slim.
The different colored lava shows its age...the darker the color, the newer it is...flows from 1790 intertwined themselves with ones for 1955.

I don't think my pictures from the steam vents turned out...you can see the steam coming out of holes in the ground...classic moment...

There were people from a tour bus, who stopped by one of the vents which was in the middle of the path.  They sat there pondering if they should put their hand in front of it.  One of them did, the other asked if it was hot...the one with the hand in front of it promptly said yes...

*Note to reader, STEAM is HOTTER than boiling water, thus you would expect STEAM vents to be hot...they don't name them steam vents for nothing*

HUGE attraction for tour buses.  At one stop there were 6 tour buses...I took this picture not only to show the lava flow, but to some of the people riding the tour bus. *If you are Japanese disregard this comment* When the 6 tour buses arrived I said, look it's pearl harbor!  cause they came in droves, like they were attacking...haha

The smoke plume is where red lava is entering the ocean...right now it is going through a tube, so if you hiked out there at night, all you would see would be the glow and maybe some lava just as it entered the water

You can see "Pele's fingers" down the mountain...completeling missing some parts, but destroying others


This is an example of Madame Pele's lack of concern of what area to spread her fingers.  The lava just covered the road...later on I have the other side to this...i think it is 8 miles?  I think this was my favorite part of the volcano, it is really amazing that it just comes over the road.  Some places on the road getting to this spot had been covered with lava, they bulldozed it out and repaved the road...a week later, the lava came again, thus they had to repave it again.


Thurston Lava Tube


Once upon a time, about 350-500 years ago, a lava tube was formed.  A lava tube is a tunnel formed when the surface of a lava flow cools and solidifies while the still-molten interior flows through and drains away.  You can walk through this cool lava tube in the middle of the rainforest which has regrown.

view from our hotel room in Hilo
me on my birthday with a lei...i was unable to lighten the picture...sorry

In front of the pool was the ocean!

Rainbow Falls


Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory

Around Puna...oh this was fun!

not a real friendly side of the island.  a lot of locals sitting everywhere, staring at these two white girls driving by taking pictures.  Supposedly people just build houses, according to the state, there are no houses there, but it is obvious (not in these pictures) that people live in houses.  Signs outside of the houses substituted for addresses ie: Steve's House.  Nevertheless, this was a BEAUTIFUL side of the island!

At the end of this sketchy road was this wonderful roadblock.  This is the other side of the lava flow that covered part of the Chain of Crater's Road.  The picture on the right is part of the road that has been covered...only the right lane remains.




The road looked cool
Those were pictures of the beautiful coastline...we were sure to hurry on our way when we noticed all the locals sitting around

Lava Tree State Park

we didn't actually see lava trees but it was really pretty

kinda makes you dizzy

Different views of the place we stayed in Hilo....jk, I was obsessed with this cute little shack


see the furthest point in the center picture?  That is the most southern part of the US...look it up for yourself if you don't believe me...some say key west is the most southern, but that is the most southern in the continental US...aka, 48 states

southernmost bakery in the US...nope we didn't buy anything, just tried their Gauva Sweetbread, Taro Sweetbread, and Hawaiian Sweetbread

A failed attempt to show the drastic change of a field of lava to lush green grash

Funny Signs and Things

oh the famous construction sites, there is an abundance of construction equiptment throughout the island, yet the workers are never there.   We saw them working twice, once was at 8 o'clock at night

usually after this sign there was one that said speed limit 55.   So on many of the roads on the island you have to stay between 40 and 55.

In case of a tsunami...i've just never seen this before

ok...where else would you turn?  that was the only turn possible

The notice says that the car has been abandoned for over 24 hours...ya think?  the car is rusted and has no inside parts

The sholder lane is "sometimes" in use...i'm sure people have seen these before, but I think it's funny

At the airport...I like to think he's holding a marajauna leaf

Where else are you gonna stop?  In the middle of the intersection?

No stopping or standing...so can I park?

Mile markers!!! Life is so much easier with them...sometimes they have kilometer conversions in case you are like the rest of the world and use the metric system

Not really sure why I liked this sign, maybe because there is only one stoplight thing, with only turn arrows, and there is a guardrail, thus you can't go straight.

Hmm...so are the lanes uneven of the amount of them? are the widths different?  is the road bumpy? is one lane higher than the other, and if you go out of your lane you fall off?

I was bored so I took a picture.  Maybe because there wasn't a one lane road ahead, i think they just like putting up signs to confuse people...but i don't know

This is in Laupohoehoe, it reminded me of the cingular wireless commercials where they have the rising bar thing

leaving you with a pretty picture

Thanks to Hawaii The Big Island Revcealed The Ultimate Guidebook for all of the facts and information