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So today I drove me and my mom down to Glendale. Easy drive, I hate 2 lanes.

Tomorrow I go down to long beach by myself, 5 different freeways at 6:00 in the morning to get there by 8:00. If I left any later it would take me sooooooooooooo long. I'll get there early but whatever.

Tonight was Andrew's graduation party. So his friend Kyle and his parents and brother (who is going to UCSB next year as a Junior and is super cute) came over. As did the dude who lives across the street from Jay and his girlfriend. So the guy across the street's name is Martin. Back in the day he took all the pictures for Guns n' Roses. His girlfriend's name is Joyce. So we were talking and she says she works for the advertising company TBWA\Chait\Day. Little did I know, this is one of the 15 largest ad companies in the world and the largest on the west coast. (based in LA, not NY YAY) She gave me her card so like in a year I can try to get an internship there. I looked up the company and their client list is amazing. One of their NY office clients is Absolut Vodka...everyone knows they are the best print ad and print ad ideas ever created. The LA office clients include Nissan, Energizer (energizer bunny), a whole bunch more, and Apple...everyone's favorite ads come from this ad company...iPod ads, the silhouettes!

So i am super stoked on life right now. This lady was amazing and I really really really hope I can get an internship and hopefully a job there.