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I know it sounds weird, but I want to go home. I want to go home to kentucky street in Slo. I want to go back to my neighborhood with curious neighbors. I want to go back to just me and my mom and my dog and my cats. My small little house close to downtown. But I can't. I have a feeling I will feel more at home at college. Maybe this will make it easier for me. I don't feel at home now, so maybe I won't miss it as much.
So today I drove me and my mom down to Glendale. Easy drive, I hate 2 lanes.

Tomorrow I go down to long beach by myself, 5 different freeways at 6:00 in the morning to get there by 8:00. If I left any later it would take me sooooooooooooo long. I'll get there early but whatever.

Tonight was Andrew's graduation party. So his friend Kyle and his parents and brother (who is going to UCSB next year as a Junior and is super cute) came over. As did the dude who lives across the street from Jay and his girlfriend. So the guy across the street's name is Martin. Back in the day he took all the pictures for Guns n' Roses. His girlfriend's name is Joyce. So we were talking and she says she works for the advertising company TBWA\Chait\Day. Little did I know, this is one of the 15 largest ad companies in the world and the largest on the west coast. (based in LA, not NY YAY) She gave me her card so like in a year I can try to get an internship there. I looked up the company and their client list is amazing. One of their NY office clients is Absolut Vodka...everyone knows they are the best print ad and print ad ideas ever created. The LA office clients include Nissan, Energizer (energizer bunny), a whole bunch more, and Apple...everyone's favorite ads come from this ad company...iPod ads, the silhouettes!

So i am super stoked on life right now. This lady was amazing and I really really really hope I can get an internship and hopefully a job there.
So I just got back from San Fransisco...fun :)

We went to Alcatraz today, that was fun.

Okay so we went shopping, I got two shirts at H&M, two headbands, a purse, my prom dress, and shoes that don't go with the dress

My dress kinda looks like this http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=235928&CategoryID=27617&LinkType=EverGreen
except it is a tiny bit shorter, coral, and prettier

so we went to this store, where they had a whole bunch of designer shoes and stuff for lower prices. I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson brand shoes, which I love, for $12, normally $80. This is a good pic of them http://www.amazon.com/Jessica-Simpson-Womens-Strappy-Sandal/dp/B000FUOA2E except tthey aren't that color, they are this color
or if that is kinda hard to see,

so ya...oooo and I went into Saks Fifth Avenue and tried on my dream shoes, Jimmy Choos in the "salon shop"

I am really happy with my choice of going to Long Beach State instead of SFSU...i can't see myself living up there

Oooo and I went to the Container Store, coolest store, I bought....CONTAINERS! haha for my magazines.

We had two amazing dinners, one at Bubba Gumps, and one at this Italian type place.
Happy Valentines day!

okay I know you have all probably heard this a bagillion times already but I want to write down every detail now so when i look back in like 2 months, i remember

last night...I got to see lindsay lohan

so they are shooting I Know Who Killed Me here in slo, as you all know, and Libby and i went downtown last night to try to be in it. So we were standing there with someone libby knew named Sierra (I think) and all these people were shuffling out of Mothers, so we were wondering why they were then standing in the middle of the street. I saw Missy and I went over and asked her what they were doing and she said it was for extras...so we got in line and they gave us group numbers and then herded us back into Mothers. So we were sitting there, kinda in awe that we were gonna be extras, and I look outside to where wardrobe and sound and the director are, and who do i see? Lindsay Lohan! She then walked away. So then a few minutes later they started calling group numbers. They called my group and we went outside. The guy put us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

where libby is. So we practiced as the actresses, or Kendra Maloney (Lohan's stand in, pretty cool huh?) walked thrugh and after they passed we would weave back and forth behind them. Then the guy was talking to this girl named Sara. He started picking people, and said Sara, talking to the other girl, so i turned around automatically...he pointed at me and said, and you...so he took the 5 of us where the names are on my diagram. He told us when the actresses walked by, we had to basically follow them and then slowly break off. So overall...pretty awesome. Hopefully they will use a scene I was in. And the news dude interviewed us also...basically the whole world saw that, as people kept telling me today "I saw you on the news"

so yea when lohan came again she was small and really pretty. I didn't think she was bitchy, she was just annoyed by people...some people say she was smoking a lot. People I know who talked to her said she was just like any other person (hmm wonder why?) and when she spilt coffee on herself she said "fuck thats hot." So after the first time she walked by, the thrill kinda went away. But it was fun just being an extra. Oh yea, and the roles we had were paid roles that you had to try out for and had to be 18...none of which I did :)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us The guy on the very right was part of my group of 5

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Lilo in downtown slo

Hawaii Part I

click to make the pictures larger

The Big Island July 10 - July 17 2006
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Hawaii Part II

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I htink i wrote all 100 lines just now. Yay i feel better.

my poems are all kinda depressing but whatever, it is my life...welcome to it.

Universal Studios/Walk of Fame Pics

so here is my post of universal and the hollywood walk of fame

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